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ArGest® LTO-8 and LTO-7 Speed Results updated January 24, 2018

WOW!  BRU is still the fastest backup and restore software available.

Continuing the tradition of BRU products driving LTO technologies OVER the rated speed, the BRU software drives SAS LTO-8 and LTO-7 at an average of 322 MB/sec for real world, non-doctored data!  Even better performance and lower latency is seen with BRU and Fibre Channel LTO-8 and LTO-7 tape.


We used our ArGest® brand SAS, Thunderbolt, and Fibre Channel LTO-8 and LTO-7 drives in our standalone Cube and 1U rack models, TGL1800, TGL2240, TGL4480*, and TGL6800 automation/library models with our BRU software (using the native bru format) along with the exclusive TOLIS Group tape ready drivers and firmware for the HighPoint RR4522 and RS6328 HBA/Thunderbolt unit.  We also tested the ATTO Celerity 81-EN or 82-EN and a Mac Pro 2015 model, with these tests, BRU achieves the following numbers consistently in real world use:


There is no other solution that can match what BRU and ArGest® bring to your organization!

Unmatched high speeds, proper and real verification, system and hardware error detection and recovery, true cross platform restore, there is simply no solution that can protect your assets as quickly, and as reliably as the native BRU format.


Read about these special features in our White Papers, and on our individual product software pages for BRU Server™ and BRU Producers Edition™ (PE).


Additional ArGest® software solutions include one button click restore for all tape formats and camera card data transfer with ArGest® Ingest.  Create tar tapes on macOS with TOLIS Tape Tools.  Automated data archival for medical, government, and law enforcement use with Automated Data Archival solutions.  Don't want to archive/restore on your own?  Take advantage of our TOLIS Group Archive Creation Services.


BRU...Because it's the RESTORE that matters[SM]!


*TGL4480 model discontinued June 2019, replaced with TGL3480 model with same performance, and more expandability.




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