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ArGest® DAM/MAM Digital Media Asset Management Solutions

Digital Media Asset Management with ArGest® Solutions

Featuring BRU Server™, CatDV® and DAX Broadcast Archive®


Looking for DAM/MAM?  ArGest® asset management solutions deliver a combination of best of breed tools for your digital asset management and storage needs.  Providing management, deep archival, and reliable tape storage and recovery through the combination of CatDV, DAX Broadcast Archive, ArGest® LTO tape and/or expandable disk storage, along with
BRU Server™ software or bruAPP™ based solutions.


By providing tight integration between these powerful software products, an ArGest® asset management solution provides online, nearline, and offline storage capabilities with options ranging from standalone LTO tape to petabytes of both disk and automated/library tape solutions.


When ordered as fully configured solutions below, these ArGest® DAM/MAM solutions allow you to manage all tasks from WITHIN the award winning CatDV desktop interface–there is no necessity to learn BRU Server's archiving methods as the DAX component delivers the automatic archival process direct from CatDV straight to to the BRU stream out to tape.


One (1) year of support help including product updates/version changes for BRU Server, CatDV and DAX are included in all ArGest® DAM/MAM bundles and all  add-on options.

Digital Media Asset Management

It's easy!  Simply use the CatDV interface to manage all BRU Server tasks with these fully integrated ArGest® DAM/MAM solutions.

No IT level knowledge is required to manage either the deep archival or tape based assets aside from the possibility of changing tapes, and all Argest® asset management solution components are supported with a single point of contact with TOLIS Group.

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