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ArGest® RackMOD Expandable Disk Storage Units 16TB-768TB

How does the ArGest® RackMOD Modular Expansion Units Solve Your Storage Needs?


Expandable, quiet, high speed enterprise grade HDD disk storage with ArGest® Rack MOD comes in base model sizes of 16TB, 24TB, 32TB, and 48TB.  These 2U rackmount assemblies can then be expanded up to a total of 14 chassis in addition to your original ArGest® Rack unit for total expandable capacity of up to 768TB.  You can start with a single unit and then add storage as your needs grow.


Whether you're connecting to a PC, a dedicated Mac Pro, or via Thunderbolt to a Mac Book Pro, iMac, or Mac Mini, the ArGest® Rack MOD160 provides 16TB of raw capacity, the MOD240 provides 24TB, the MOD320 provides 32TB and the MOD480 provides 48TB.  Your available capacity is dependent on the RAID format applied to the disks installed.  Performance of the ArGest Rack Mod series ranges from 525MB/sec RAID 0 (OS X software striped) to 740MB/sec RAID 5 (ATTO R680 or HighPoint 4522).


ArGest® RackMOD units do not include a SAS HBA (required for operation) because they are designed as expansion units to an existing ArGest® BRU PE or BRU Server solution, with or without tape involved.  If you order a RackMOD unit as a standalone storage device, you will also need to order a HighPoint Technologies RocketRAID 4522 (RAID-0, 1, 4, 5, 6 +$595USD) or Thunderbolt RocketStore 6328, or Sonnet Thunderbolt Unit with RR 4522 HBA if you don't already have an existing compatible HighPoint Technologies or ATTO SAS HBA.

The ArGest RackMOD units may be daisy-chained up to 8 units per HBA port for a total capacity of .75 Petabyte of high-performance disk capacity using a single HighPoint Technologies RocketRAID 4522 HBA (recommended for full speed) or ATTO HBA.


ArGest® RackMOD units utilize only enterprise grade components and disks; no cheap components means a longer, higher quality operation life for your investment.


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