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High Performance Storage and LTO Archival With ArGest® Mobile Editing Disk/Tape Combo Units


If you're looking for easy to use, drag and drop archival and backup software combined with LTO tape and integrated disk storage in a single unit, look no further!

ArGest® BRU PE Mobile Editing SSD/HDD Disk and LTO Tape Units

How Does the TOLIS Group ArGest® Mobile Editing Unit Solve Your
Editing/Tape Archiving While on the Road Challenges?


The ArGest® Moble Editing units are self contained, portable solutions for editors, videographers, music production / front of house teams, photographers, and other creative professionals in the field that provide both disk storage (2TB to 16TB of SSD or 4TB to 8TB of HDD) with LTO-7, LTO-6 or LTO-5 tape archival / backup in an easy to use road warrior configuration.

These are highly portable and affordable packages that connect via SAS or Thunderbolt.


With sustained media ingest speeds of over 1GB/sec (SSD systems), 500MB/sec (HDD systems), LTO-7 write speeds at 322MB/sec+ (see more details on LTO-7 speed), LTO-6 write speeds of 180MB/sec (.64TB/hour), and LTO-5 archive write speeds of 140MB/sec (.5TB/hour), using your choice of BRU PE or BRU Server software (1 client edition included), the road is no longer a dangerous place for jobs generating large amounts of data.  No more stacks of Firewire drives or long FTP sessions.  The HBAs included in the ArGest® bundles include TOLIS Group provided drivers and firmware for the best achievable speed, with LTO-7 BRU is over the rated speed at 322MB/sec write speeds.

Download our ArGest® Mobile Editing units datasheet.

These specially designed units are also incredibly quiet–more than 40% quieter than a standard external LTO tape drive.  Additionally, the high speed performance of both the SSD and HDD solutions, combined with their extremely quiet operation, make editing on the road a pleasure.


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