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BRU Software Supported Tape Devices

BRU software supports almost all modern tape devices out of the box as long as the HBA/Switch/Thunderbolt connection being used is properly supported by your OS.  Because it is impossible to list all supported tape devices and their models individually, the manufacture of the actual tape device itself is listed.  Your unit may be a different "brand" than what is shown on the list, however, as long as the tape device inside the unit is made by one of the manufacturers listed below, it is supported unless otherwise noted.


• Archive, ADIC, Seagate and Certance devices are Quantum and fall under the Quantum supported device umbrella though some models are
   listed as their original manufacturer for clarity of support.

• Dell devices including PowerVault are OEM from other manufacturers, and fall under the various other manufacturers umbrella.

• Sun and StorageTek are Oracle, and their tape devices fall under supported OEM devices from other manufacturers.

• Other tape devices and manufacturers may change names and manufacturer, consider them supported unless specifically noted otherwise.

• The Quantum Superloader 3 (SL3) is not a supported tape device due to a history of problematic hardware issues.  These are not issues that
   can be overcome with software, they are hardware issues in the unit itself, and as such the device is not supported.



Customers have consistently reported troubling hardware issues with various Thunderbolt solutions that are not the ArGest® solutions.  These issues are due to hardware incompatibility, firmware incompatibility, or in some cases, quality issues.  ArGest® bundles do not suffer from these issues and are all fully tested for maximum reliability, quiet operation, proper operation, and speed.


If you are concerned about your particular model, please contact for model support verification.


IBM vs HP brand drives, LTO-5 and LTO-6:
Any LTO-5 or 6 solutions that are utilizing the IBM based tape technology have displayed in internal testing, as well as customer reporting a 15-20% slower speed in read/write operations when compared to the HP brand tape devices, and the IBM drives are also much louder.  ArGest® solutions from TOLIS Group are all based on the HP drive technology, and do not suffer from these reported issues.  These issues apply to standalone drives, as well as automation and libraries.  Customers have noted that the HP brand LTO-5 and LTO-6 drives tend to be more costly than the IBM counterparts, the technology experience is quite different.


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