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Manuals, Datasheets, and White Papers

This is a complete listing of all BRU Manuals, Administrator Guides, White Papers, EULAs, Warranties, and Datasheets.  These items are also located with their associated products.


Complete Product Line Card


BRU Server Software

BRU Server 2.x QuickStart Getting Started Guide

Instructions from download, to install component order, to first backup, to first restore.  As a true client/server product, BRU Server is a three component based product.   The Server Component is installed on the machine that will be attached to the storage device.  The Agent Component is installed on any machines that are to be backed up as clients of the BRU Server Server machine, including the machine with the Server Component installed if that machine is to be backed up as well.  The GUI Management Console is installed on any machine, Mac, Linux or Windows that can see the BRU Server Server machine on the network and is used to manage and control all operations of BRU Server.


BRU Server 2.x Complete Administrator's Guide

Everything a system Administrator needs to know about BRU Server's usage.  Chapter one is a duplication of the QuickStart Getting Started Guide.


BRU Server 2.x Upgrade Guide

This document is for users moving from BRU Server 1.x to 2.x only


BRU Server Command Line Tools Guide

A BRU Server CLI Reference Scripting Guide for users who wish to create custom scripts for BRU Server v1.2 and 2.x.




BRU Server Datasheet


Limited Hardware Warranty


BRU PE Software


BRU PE 3.x User Guide

Instructions from download, to install, to first backup, to first restore.  Includes QuickStart Guide.


TOLIS Tape Tools Manual

User Guide for the included TOLIS Tape Tools license (located in the PE DMG in your applications folder).


BRU PE Catalog information

The PE catalog, how it is formatted and tips on how to utilize the information outside of BRU PE.






BRU PE 2.x User Guide

User guide for older 2.x version of PE.


BRU PE Datasheet


ArGest Mobile Solutions Datasheet


Limited Hardware Warranty


TOLIS Group Tape Library Solutions


ArGest@ Tape Library Full User Guide Includes Use, Operational Parameters (temperature/mounting etc...) for TGL1800, TGL2240, TGL4480 units.  TGL3480 and TGL6800 ship with their own documents in the shipping box.


Should you need to ship/travel with your unit please contact TOLIS Group Support for additional instruction to assure you package the library unit correctly.


ArGest@ Rack Mount Note


TOLIS Group Limited Hardware Warranty

TOLIS Group Support/RMA


Overland NEO-S User Guide T24, T48


LEGACY DOCS for users purchasing libraries prior to February 2018

TGL1800 models purchased prior to February of 2018 User Guide

TGL2240 models purchased prior to February of 2018 User Guide

TGL4480 models (model discontinued June 2019) purchased prior to February of 2018 User guide


TOLIS Group Standalone Tape


ArGest® Standalone Desktop Cube and 1U Rack Install/Use Guide


TOLIS Group Limited Hardware Warranty

TOLIS Group Support/RMA


Digital Asset Management DAM/MAM

Limited Hardware Warranty


Complete DAM/MAM Solutions Datasheet


bruAPP™ Backup and Recovery Appliance

bruAPP™ Administrator's Guide

From unboxing to first use, bruAPP™ instructions.


bruAPP™ Upgrade Guide

Only to be used by pre-2013 users of older bruAPP™s upgrading their OS to the current bruAPP™.


bruAPP™ limited hardware warranty


bruAPP™ Datasheet




ArGest® RackMOD

ArGest® RackMOD Getting Started Guide

Instructions for using ArGest® RackMOD including initial installation.


Limited Hardware Warranty


TOLIS Tape Tools Software

TOLIS Tape Tools Manual

Instructions for using TOLIS Tape Tools




TOLIS Tape Tools Datasheet


Limited Hardware Warranty


BRU Core Workstation/Desktop Software

BRU Core Workstation/Desktop version 18.0

Instructions for BRU Core Workstation and Desktop 18.0


BRU Core Workstation/Desktop version 17.0

Complete instructions for BRU Core Workstation and Desktop 17.0


BRU Core Workststion/Desktop Datasheet


BRU Products EULA



BRU Server Datasheet

TOLIS Tape Tools Datasheet

bruAPP™ Datasheet

BRU Core Workststion/Desktop Datasheet

Complete DAM/MAM Solutions Datasheet

ArGest Mobile Solutions Datasheet

BRU PE Datasheet

ArGest RackMOD Expandable Disk Storage Datasheet

ArGestIngest Software Datasheet



BRU White Papers and Case Studies:

The BRU Advantage - Details on the elements that make BRU so effective.

Proving the BRU Advantage - BRU was originally developed because tar fails–see why.

BRU's Unique Availability Characteristics - More details about BRU's unique features.

Reliable Verification - Don't be fooled by foolish verification methods.

LTO — Big, Fast, and Cheap - TOLIS Group is pro-tape, see why.

Tape's Not Dead Tech - Tape is not a dead tech, it is fast, easy to use, and nothing else will protect your stored data as effectively for as long.

BRU Server and Parallels - How BRU and virtual environments such as Parallels and VMWare work together.

Virtual Machines and BRU - Workflow details on using BRU in a virtual machine environment.

TOLIS Group OFM for Live System Backup - BRU backs up open files and databases on Windows.

BRU's Support of Regulatory Governance - BRU ihelps you maintain compliance with government/research/medical regulations for backing up and recovering data.

Implementing Tape Storage on Apple Systems - Special considerations when using tape with Apple systems.

Tape vs. Disk vs. VTL Backup Options - BRU allows you to back up to any device type that works for your environment.

LTFS - One look at why LTFS is not the best choice for long term archival.

Tape Data Formats - BRU is proprietary, and why that is a good thing for your long term data protection.

Case Study: Austrian Film Museum - Why the Austrian Film Museum chose BRU to protect their irreplaceable assets.

Tape Device Fibre Channel Zoning Considerations - Zoning Fibre Channel Devices, older document, still valid in 2018.



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