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ArGest® Tape Hardware Standalone Bundles

TOLIS Group ArGest® tape hardware/software bundles with one or two standalone tape drives provide a plug and play tape backup and archival solution from a convenient single source of purchase and warranty help/support on all items related to the backup task.  All bundles include BRU software, a choice of LTO tape device, appropriate HBAs, all necessary cables and accessories, media to get you started, all tested and guaranteed!


The HBAs included in the ArGest® bundles include TOLIS Group provided drivers and firmware for the best achievable speed and proper functionality.  Only HBAs purchased from TOLIS Group have the TOLIS Group drivers.


TOLIS Group does not sell gray market, refurbished, or un-registered items as this can lead to issues with the manufacturer when hardware support is required.  All hardware items are brand new factory stock.


For larger data requirements, please visit our ArGest® Tape Library options.


For pricing and full information regarding ArGest® standalone tape software/hardware bundles please choose the industry segment below that the bundle will be supporting.


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