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Contacting TOLIS Group Support

We strive to make communicating with TOLIS Group's support as easy as possible and ask the following of our customers:


For our DEMO users:

We offer free support during your demo period via our online ticket system.  The system can be accessed at


For our customers with purchased licenses:

A current extended support agreement must be in place to receive support, or you must be within the first 30-days of product purchase to receive support.


• In order to assist, we will need your product serial number (Format: 1234-5678).  We cannot accept support inquiries without your product serial number.

• It is helpful if you know your tape library/drive brand and type, as well as the connection interface (SCSI, Fibre-Channel, etc.), OS and version/kernel.

• You will need administrative access to all machines in question for your inquiry.

• Your product must be registered.


TOLIS Group Technical Support

Saturday April 29th SERVICE STATUS

DNS changes from our office move are now sorted and have started to propagate.   We are still waiting for the resolution of our phone outage and support systems.  We expect to be back online fully by Monday and will be in contact with you as soon as we are up and running.


Thank you for your patience as we move into our new space!

Create/View a Ticket

Login to create a ticket, view the status of existing tickets, reply to open tickets, or start or check the status of an RMA.  DEMO users may also create a ticket with support.

Submit a feature request for BRU products.


There is a wealth of information in our knowledgebase and it is available 24/7.

Product Videos

Short informational or tutorial videos on the operations of the TOLIS Group products.  Check back often, new videos are on the way.

Technical Support Hours/Holiday Closures

Technical support is available Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST.  However, we are Arizona MST and therefore do not observe daylight savings time.  For part of the year we are on Denver time, and the other part California time.


Please view our holiday schedule for holiday closures.  Customers with 24/7 support should refer to their contracts for specifics regarding contacting TOLIS Group.


Product Registration

New customers and existing customer update registration link.  PLEASE NOTE:
your product must be registered to
receive support help.

TOLIS Group Support Process

Because we do not have assigned call times, often you will receive our voice mail as we are assisting other customers as long as required.

Because of this, we ask that you create a ticket at so that we may set up a call back time, WebEx session, or remote session with you, or we can often solve your inquiry right there in the ticket.


Call backs are made M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST (Arizona time).  Customers seeking telephone/WebEx/remote assistance must have an extended support contract or be in their first 30 days of purchase.

Direct Telephone: +1-480-505-1814


24/7 support customers, please use the contact information provided with your 24/7 support package.


To order support, or 24/7 support, please see below.

What Is Extended Support with TOLIS Group?


TOLIS Group provides Extended Support Agreements to customers that are outside of the initial 30-days of free technical support.  A standard 1-Year (12 calendar months) agreement provides a variety of benefits and easy access to expert technical support which includes:


    • Free product updates including free version changes & special discounts on applicable upgrades when moving to different BRU packages

    • Unlimited assistance in which anyone within your organization may call

    • Ticket system, or WebX, phone, or remote login assistance available.


An additional benefit of technical support from TOLIS Group that is unlike any other support team, is that our technical support representatives do not have call time limits. Therefore, you will not be on the phone with one agent and after a specified period of time be transferred to another agent.  Our representatives will be able to assist you via telephone for as much time that is needed.


Additionally, TOLIS Group does not have "levels" of support (i.e. Level 1, Level 2, etc...).  All technical support agents are trained with the same knowledge and abilities.  You can rest assured that the information and support you receive will be the same for any technical support agent that you may speak to on the phone or via the ticket system.


Online Purchase/Renewal of Support

Customers may purchase or renew their technical support agreements online.  Renewal discounts, EDU/ORG/GOV discounts will be applied at time of order processing as applicable.  You may also contact for a quote.  Please provide your product serial number.


For extension of hardware warranties (restrictions apply), please contact


24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Support is available for all our customers, domestic and international.  Pricing begins at $7500USD for 10 contact instances in a 12 month period, or a 12 month period total, whichever comes first.  24/7 customers are provided with a special phone number to call for the 24/7 service.


Please contact for additional information or to order 24/7 support.