Dear Customers, Partners, and Friends,


It is with extremely heavy hearts that we have been forced to make the painful decision to cease operations at TOLIS Group, Inc., effective immediately August 28, 2020, after 20 years of operation.


The current COVID-19 challenges of our world have made it absolutely impossible for our small Veteran owned business to continue operations any longer.


Please know that TOLIS Group, Inc. tried everything in its power to avoid this situation and used all the resources available to small businesses from the beginning of the COVID related shutdowns, however, it simply wasn't enough due to the continued shutdowns and project delays of our customers across their primary industries.


At the top of this page are the links to the latest versions of the BRU software packages, ArGest hardware/firmware downloads, and documentation. 

ALL of your BRU archives are restorable by these demo versions as the restore functionality NEVER expires.