About TOLIS Group, Inc.

TOLIS Group is very proud that BRU™ technology was used to protect the irreplaceable and priceless data streaming in from the Mars and Saturn projects, as well as many additional NASA® programs. You too can trust your critical information to the care of BRU™ with confidence!


TOLIS Group, Inc., is a veteran and women owned privately held corporation headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. The singular focus of TOLIS Group™ is the development and support of ultra-reliable data backup, restore, and archival solutions for end-users and OEMs based on TOLIS Group's proven BRU™ technology.


The genesis of BRU™ in 1985 as a commercially available tool was driven by the inability of popular tar-based operations to reliably backup and restore archives on Unix systems. The mandate of BRU's™ design was to return the most data possible during a restore, limited only by physical damage.


To achieve the mandate, BRU™ was essentially designed "backwards" by first defining the necessary checks and balances that would come into play during a restore and then implementing them into the backup process. This is a profound difference from a "backup forward" design approach, and, unlike other tools, BRU™ solutions are able to recover from read and tape read errors during a restore to return the most data possible. In an age of 30-50% data recovery failure rates being realized, BRU™ technology delivers Backup You Can Trust℠.  TOLIS Group provides ArGest® BRU Server™, ArGest® Backup™, ArGest® tape solutionsArGest® Expandable Disk Storage, BRU Core™, TOLIS Tape Tools for macOS data migration, ArGest® Ingest/IngestPRO™ for easy one button restore of tar, LTFS and BRU™ tapes on macOS, and the bruAPP™ Backup Appliance™.


In 1994, BRU™ Backup & Restore Utility became the first available commercial Linux® application (not just backup) for end-users, released at Linux kernel 0.99pl12. Since then, BRU™ has been awarded more recognition from the Linux community than any other backup software tool.


In 2003 TOLIS Group engaged in the Macintosh® market place, releasing solutions that draw on BRU's™ heritage of reliable backup to provide the same proven performance for macOS users enjoyed by Unix users. ArGest® BRU Server™ and ArGest® Backup BRU Producer's Edition™ for macOS, LInux, and Windows are now setting the high-water standard of cross platform backup and restore. Additional solutions for macOS include TOLIS Tape Tools™ which is available to transfer existing tar, cpio and pax archives to the macOS platform.


In January of 2005 TOLIS Group announced its bruAPP™ Backup Appliance solution.   bruAPP™ is a data backup and restore-focused appliance that delivers the industry's first truly "server-less" backup services across client/server system topologies. The bruAPP™ Backup Appliance virtually eliminates the configuration, installation, and compatibility issues faced when designing and building a data backup system. In January of 2010, TOLIS Group entered further into the hardware market providing one stop shopping and support for tape and BRU software bundled offerings.


In January 2020 TOLIS Group entered the Windows market with ArGest® Backup Desktop™, Workstation™, and Producer's Edition™ for Windows, and enhanced offerings to it's bruAPP™ Backup Appliance for the Windows user.  This represents BRU's first release in the Windows market and is aimed at desktop to more advanced users.


BRU™ technology also provides unparalleled support of regulatory governance.


TOLIS Group is affiliated with key players in the IT market, and proudly supports a breadth of organizations worldwide, from single system businesses to corporate entities (view a sampling below).


TOLIS Group Business Practices


It's in your best interest to understand the company that you will be relying on to protect your critical data. Here's a glimpse of TOLIS Group.


Our Focus — The development of data backup and restore solutions, and ONLY data backup and restore solutions. We are not a blanket data management software tool provider and our BRU™ technology is demonstrably the most reliable in the backup industry.


Scope of Product — Commercially available since 1985 for Unix-class systems, over 2 million licenses have been purchased since BRU™ was first available. TOLIS solutions are available around the globe, either via direct sales or through our extensive Reseller Network.


Design Architecture — Pervasive POSIX compliance, use of leading-edge development tools, modern structures, and mandated backward compatibility characterize our BRU solutions. Bug fixes and functionality enhancements are readily provided.


Product Pricing — TOLIS Group is, and has always been a privately owned corporation that is not saddled with the financial burdens of publicly held entities. Our business model is different, and that is reflected in the pricing of our solutions. You can certainly pay more while failing to get a more reliable backup tool.   Being self funded by the actual sales of the BRU product lines guarantees that BRU™ will always be a solution that is designed to fit the needs of our customers.


Licensing — A BRU™ license enables the user to use the particular solution into perpetuity. There are no license renewal fees, nor is there a charge for volume of data being backed up. We do not differentiate between servers or desktop systems; each is simply a node, or seat, within network backup environments.


Support — TOLIS Group Technical Support is a customer satisfaction center. Engineering-level support is provided and there are response time/cost-sensitive extended warranty options to suit your need.


Community — BRU™ was the first end-user, commercially available application (of any kind) released for Linux users in 1994 at kernel 0.99pl12.


TOLIS Group Customers


Private Sector — All industries from entertainment and multimedia to sports, newspapers, retail and all other business types imaginable.


Public Sector — State, local, and federal agencies, including military installations.


Education — Statewide colleges, universities, as well as local school districts throughout the USA, Canada and worldwide.



Any guidance or direction TOLIS Group provides to you will only be based on the information provided by you to us as our customer. Many factors in your environment are unknown to TOLIS Group and can affect advice, problems, outcomes, or recommended solutions. TOLIS Group cannot and will not accept any culpability or responsibility due to potential omissions. Also, be advised that technology changes. As a result of these changes in technology, products you are using might be affected both directly and indirectly. TOLIS Group cannot and will not be responsible or liable for any consequences that can occur due to any change in technology, or in conjunction with the use of information provided by TOLIS Group under these circumstances. Proceeding with communications, orders, and interactions between yourself and TOLIS Group is indication that you understand and agree with this statement.   For complete warranty, legal, and return policy notices, please visit http://www.tolisgroup.com/brulegal.html


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