Automated Archival Solutions

ArGest® BRU Server™ based solutions combined with the DAX File & Folder Archive Software (FFA) storage management software provides seamless and flexible integration with your data archival needs.  Designed for medical, law enforcement, government, and other business types who's needs require specialized archive services to access data from network storage locations to a central network archive with the need to restore archived data back to the network storage locations upon request.


DAX FFA provides a bridge between the shared file storage used for all dynamic data and the actual archival storage on tape.  DAX FFA separates dynamic and fixed content by creating a central network archive.  Recent data is retained on-line on hard disk for rapid access while at the same time this data is copied to low-cost regular or WORM tape media for permanent, long term access.


ArGest® BRU Server software™, either alone or integrated into the bruAPP™ Backup Appliance, and ArGest® tape solutions combined with DAX FFA provide an all-in-one, single source of support and help solution for automated, accessible, verifiable, and long term data archival and management.


  • An Easy to use and Implement Complete Automated Archival Solution


    • Direct integration with BRU Server or bruAPP™ Backup Appliance

    • Easy to use and to implement

    • Enables straightforward integration into existing BRU and collaborative
       workflow environments.

    • The archiving services can be completely automated.

    • Allows users to add metadata to assets to be archived by means of file/
       folder/project names.

    • Random searching/selecting of files/folders for retrieval by means of
       search engine on metadata.

    • Archiving files or complete folders removing the data from the original
       location or backing up the current version of the data without removing
       the content from the original location.

    • Possibility to leave HTML files behind, providing a browse/restore for
       archived files and folders.

    • Creates and keeps track of new versions automatically.

    • Possibility to create and view low-res previews for images and/or video
       files facilitating users to browse and view the archived assets avoiding
       the need to restore.

    • Enables automatic extraction of metadata from file/folder names by
       means of a hot folder mechanism.

    • Operates independently on the file system, avoiding the need for
       application integration.

    • Web based GUI enables remote management from any client in the

    • The archive service can run on Windows/Linux/Mac OSX.


  • Fast and Efficient, and Infinitely Scalable


    • Archived data is quickly available to users for sharing and re-using.

    • Integration of archival storage into the backup environment enables
       even more efficient use of BRU Server based solutions

    • Files and folders are archived and restored with exact credentials,
       enabling cross platform use (Windows/Linux/Mac OSX) of complex
       filenames using any character, path-name or language.

    • Automated use of archive containers enables both the most efficient use
       of archive media as well as the use of infinitely large file systems with
       any file size.

  • Archiving and Backup with DAX FFA and BRU Server Solutions


    Most companies are aware of the need to back-up their data but not all are conscious of the benefits of having a digital archive. Therefore it is essential to understand the difference between these concepts.


    Back-up is the process where an additional copy of files is made for a short period of time, intended to cope with (incidental) loss of the original data. Archiving is the process where a permanent copy of data is made. The copied data is intended to be used in the future as a reference and/or the primary source of that data. In many cases the original data is being deleted from the primary storage.  BRU Server solutions combined with DAX FFA make this process simple, fast, and as always, the most reliable.


    The DAX FFA solution expands BRU Server's native backup and archival tasks for additional specialized automated archival options utilized in segments such as medical, government, research, education, and businesses.


    80-20%: Tests prove that 80% of historical data is accessed infrequently but regularly. This means in most companies that 80% of primary storage, back-up and disaster recovery requirements could be substantially relieved.


    How? DAX FFA integrates the automated archiving process into your network by adding an additional automated archival tier to your BRU Server based solution.


    How does it work?

    First, recent data is retained on-line on hard disk for rapid access while at the same time this data is copied to low-cost and long term storable tape media.  Then, only recent data has to be backed-up.  Lastly, in the permanent archive all your data will be stored safely and preserved for future usage. Regular LTO media or WORM (write once, read many) LTO media fulfills compliance requirements and protects against data losses caused by viruses, hack attacks and human error.



  • DAX FFA Product Videos




    These videos are specific to the use of the DAX FFA application.  For questions regarding use with BRU solutions, please contact for product demos or WebX demo session.


    DAX File & Folder Archive (FFA) Software provides a flexible platform for automating any digital archive requirement and environment. The FFA platform is explained in this video.  DAX FFA (length: 1 min., 32 sec.)


    FFA provides archiving services to the network. A simple and explanatory way to show this, is through the manual interface. Users can simply initiate archiving through FFA´s right click functionality.

    FFA right-click archiving demo (length: 1 min., 14 sec.)


    As different implementations pose different requirements on the metadata, system administrators simply can change the metadata fields to adapt the archiving system to their specific needs.

    FFA metadata fields demo  (length: 49 sec.)

  • DAX FFA Pricing Add On to BRU Server Solutions


    Pricing of the DAX FFA is an add-on cost to BRU Server software, bruAPP™ Backup Appliance and/or ArGest® Tape and Disk storage solutions.


    Pricing Options are based on the size of LTO tape device being used, include infinite archive size, and include one year (12 months) of software support.


    Part #FFAST-BRU $2070USD

    Use with any ArGest® LTO tape standalone drive option, or with your existing LTO standalone drive.


    Part #FFAL8-BRU $4250USD

    Use with the ArGest® TGL1800 8 tape slot autoloader LTO tape option, or with your existing LTO autoloader with up to 8 tape slots.

    Part #FFAL24-BRU $7375USD

    Use with the ArGest® TGL2240 24 tape slot library LTO tape option, or with your existing LTO autoloader with up to 24 tape slots.

    Part #FFAL48-BRU $12,375USD

    Use with the ArGest® TGL4480 48 tape slot library LTO tape option, the TGL3480 40 tape slot option, or with your existing LTO autoloader with up to 48 tape slots.


    Part #FFAL80-BRU $17,375USD

    Use with the ArGest® TGL6800 80 tape slot library LTO tape option, or with your existing LTO autoloader with up to 80 tape slots. 
    For customers expanding their TG6800 libraries, add part#FFA80-E for each expansion unit, $12,375USD each.

    Ready to order DAX FFA with BRU Server or add it an existing BRU Server solution already in place?  Please visit our Ordering page to buy now.


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