Information about ArGest® BRU Server™’s PRE and POST Job Scripts

Executing Tasks Before or After an ArGest® BRU Server™ Job Run



If you have a task that should be performed before or after the BRU Server™ job is executed, there is a mechanism provided for both agents and the server.  Such tasks include stopping and restarting a mail server, exporting a database to a flat file, warning users that a backup is about to occur, and many more.  The files may be created using any programming of scripting language supported by your system including shell, python, perl, Applescript, or even compiled C/C++.  The only requirement is that the resulting file be executable and return a zero for success or non-zero for any error condition.



On your client systems, add executable files named pre and post to the agent installation folder –
“/usr/local/bru-server” on all macOS and Unix variants, and as pre.bat or pre.cmd, and post.bat or post.cmd in
“C:\Program Files (x86)\BRU Server Agent Configuration\” on Windows systems.



Additionally, there is a master pre and post capability on the server system.  The file should be placed into the server application directory - “/usr/local/bru-server/” - and be named backup.pre and  The server sequences will be executed before any client backup operation is begun and after ALL client backup operations have completed.  The same rules apply for creating the server-specific jobs as for the client system pre and post sequences.


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