TOLIS Tape Tools™ Software for macOS

Read and write tar and cpio tapes on macOS


TOLIS Tape Tools is a set of command line data migration utilities that enable the transfer of the contents of any tar, cpio, or pax-formatted tapes onto a macOS system, regardless of platform where the tapes were originally written (i.e. Linux, Solaris, etc).  TOLIS Tape Tools also allows the user to create (write) tar tapes on macOS.  In addition, TOLIS Tape Tools has been tested and is fully compatible on both Intel up to 10.15 (Catalina) and even older PowerPC macOS machines.


TOLIS Tape Tools is also what is used to recover any tar-based archives to macOS that were written in any product, closed or open source, that uses tar as its archival format.


TOLIS Tape Tools is available as a standalone product or as an an on to ArGest® BRU Server™, and it is included in a licensed purchase copy of ArGest® Backup - Producer's Edition


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About TOLIS Tape Tools

Options and Pricing


Comprised of TOLIS Group's tapectl, libctl, taperead, tapewrite and tapecopy utilities, TOLIS Tape Tools provides complete support of all tape technologies and tape formats as well as control of tape drive or tape library operation under macOS. TOLIS Tape Tools support all tape library configurations, regardless of the number of tape drives or tape slots.


TOLIS Tape Tools reads the raw data from the tapes flawlessly. By using the tar, cpio, or pax utilities embedded in macOS, the archived data can be accurately restored onto a macOS system.


TOLIS Tape Tools utilities are operated from the command line, are fully scriptable, and also support the writing of raw tar, cpio, and pax data streams to tape under macOS. The tapecopy utility enables the duplication of tapes under macOS.


TOLIS Tape Tools restores archive data to macOS that was written with any open or closed source product that uses tar as its archive format!


Need a tape device to do it?  Our ArGest® Backup Producer's Edition™ Tape software/hardware options include a copy of TOLIS Tape Tools, and all help and warranty is handled by TOLIS Group with one phone call.  Even better, all TOLIS Group ArGest® tape devices may be used with all BRU™ products, tar, LTFS and cpio, and other formats.


Following the migration of data to macOS systems, use the BRU™ solutions for macOS to provide ongoing data protection. TOLIS Tape Tools work simply, and simply work.  There is not an available demo for TOLIS Tape Tools.

TOLIS Tape Tools Software Pricing

TOLIS Tape Tools part# 52048, $399USD per license

TOLIS Tape Tools when another ArGest® powered by BRU software is owned (must provide BRU Serial) part# 52048-BRU, $159USD per license, per BRU license owned


TOLIS Tape Tools is included with the ArGest® Backup Producer's Edition, users of PE will find TOLIS Tape Tools™ in their IMG in Applications.  TOLIS Tape Tools™ is also included with the ArGest® Ingest™ and ArGest® IngestPRO™ software packages.

     Pricing subject to occasional changes, please call +1-480-505-0488 or email for your customized quote.


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TOLIS Tape Tools Manual

Instructions for using TOLIS Tape Tools


TOLIS Tape Tools Datasheet




Supported Tape Devices


Proving the BRU Advantage - White paper.  BRU was originally developed because tar fails–see why.






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