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ArGest® Backup vs ArGest® BRU Server - Which one should I use?.


The BRU Advantage - Details on the elements that make BRU so effective.


BRU's Support of Regulatory Governance - BRU helps you maintain compliance with government/research/medical regulations for backing up and recovering data.


Tape Device Fibre Channel Zoning Considerations - Zoning Fibre Channel Devices, older document, still valid in 2020.


Proving the BRU Advantage - BRU was originally developed because tar fails–see why.


BRU's Unique Availability Characteristics - More details about BRU's unique features.


Reliable Verification - Don't be fooled by foolish verification methods.


LTO — Big, Fast, and Cheap - TOLIS Group is pro-tape, see why.


Tape's Not Dead Tech - Tape is not a dead tech, it is fast, easy to use, and nothing else will protect your stored data as effectively for as long.


BRU Server and Parallels - How BRU and virtual environments such as Parallels and VMWare work together.


Virtual Machines and BRU - Workflow details on using BRU in a virtual machine environment.


TOLIS Group OFM for Live System Backup - BRU backs up open files and databases on Windows.


Implementing Tape Storage on Apple Systems - Special considerations when using tape with Apple systems, OLD information but many items apply as of 2017.


Tape vs. Disk vs. VTL Backup Options - BRU allows you to back up to any device type that works for your environment.


LTFS - One look at why LTFS is not the best choice for long term archival.


Tape Data Formats - BRU is proprietary, and why that is a good thing for your long term data protection.


Case Study: Austrian Film Museum - Why the Austrian Film Museum chose BRU to protect their irreplaceable assets.


Product Review May 5, 2020 Larry Jordan Edit Smarter reviews ArGest® Backup v4.x





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